The photographs on this blog are photos I have taken while taking part in an online workshop and others while I am out and about. Sometimes I go out looking for a particular image but capture something completly different, these are some of my favourite shots.
I love a photo challenge so am also taking part in a daily photo challenge over on Her space My space and adding the photos here on my Blog.

Guinness Extra Stout...

This minature bottle of Guinness Extra Stout is around as long as I can remember, it measures 8 1/2 cm , it even has a tiny bottle cap which measures approx 10 mm. I wonder if they made minature bottle openers too . =0)

I would like to wish everyone who looks in at my Photo Blog a very Happy Christmas.

Christmas along the Quays

Click for a larger view

An Autumn day in Bray.

I took these photos today in Bray, it was a lovely calm mild day as you can see from the sea. I love the different layers and textures .

I wish I could post larger photos here on the blog because I think they lose detail ,but if you click on the photos they will enlarge.


I received a lovely surprise delivery
today! They really brightened my day.
Most people smell flowers
when they receive them I ran
for the camera =0) ( Then I had a smell ) =0) The whole room is full of a lovely light perfume now ,its beautiful .

Autumn colours

I like the silhouette of the branch with the colourful leaves in the background

This is a model boat on the pond in Herbert Pk, I like the colours of the reflection of the trees in the water.

Red Brick Buildings.

I have always loved the look of the
red brick buildings in Baggot Street when the sun is shining on them, especially Baggot St hospital, although thinking back to when I was a child it terrified me, we lived very close to the hospital and it was where we attended whenever we had an accident etc like the time when I was knocked down by a car coming back from Herbert Pk ! The hospital is still in use but not for Accidents and emergency anymore.


I took this photo down the Shelly Banks .There is something about the colours and the smoothness of the waves I like.

Pride and Joy

The shine on this Harley Davidson was out of this world ,You couldnt help but stop to have a closer look. It was a credit to it's owner .

I couldn't believe it had been driven around the city and it still looked like this .We weren't the only admirers everyone who passed had to stop for a closer look.

The Botanic Gardens

Yesterdays post had an Autumn feel to it and today we have Summer again. When we saw the Sun today we decided to go to the zoo, It turned out everyone else had the same idea because when we got there the queue was a mile long so we went to the Botanic Gardens instead and will go to the zoo another day. A lot of the flowers were dying off but there was still lots of colour and I really enjoyed the walk around while taking photo's. The squirrels are really friendly although I must admit I didn't like them coming too close LOL. I was delighted to find the butterfly (above) on a single flower and he stayed there long enough for me to snap away.As you will see if you keep scrolling down I captured Lot's of beautiful flowers and colour. The glass houses are beautiful too. I will have to go back when everything is in full bloom especially the sunflower maze.

The Sunflower Maize was dying off and only a few small sunflowers were left.

We even found a Christmas tree =0) >>> >>>>>>>>>>>