The photographs on this blog are photos I have taken while taking part in an online workshop and others while I am out and about. Sometimes I go out looking for a particular image but capture something completly different, these are some of my favourite shots.
I love a photo challenge so am also taking part in a daily photo challenge over on Her space My space and adding the photos here on my Blog.

Windmill Lane,

Windmill Lane is the home of U2's world famous studio. This street will be completely redeveloped in the next few years into apartments, offices and new music studios. The graffiti will be gone, one of the things which give this street its character.

Windmill Lane rules.

1. DO NOT paint on any other property apart from the designated walls .

2. DO NOT leave any cans around the place take em outa the area

3. Try not to make much noise or disturbence to residents.
4. If the police are around , dont give them any cheek even if they are in the wrong .

And remember HAVE FUN !

The Scrapbook Store, August photo Challenge.

I took these photos for the monthly photo challenge set up by Annamarie from The Scrapbook Store, this months challenge is to take some close up shots and load 3-5 shots into your own gallery on the forum.


Galway/ Spiddal

I took these photos in the Spiddal Craft and Design Studios Galway, the weather was really bad for the whole weekend but in between the showers I snapped these few. It is a beautiful craft centre and I only wish I had had the time and weather to browse around it but at least I have a few photos.

On the Road...

I took these two photos in the car on the way home from Galway...