The photographs on this blog are photos I have taken while taking part in an online workshop and others while I am out and about. Sometimes I go out looking for a particular image but capture something completly different, these are some of my favourite shots.
I love a photo challenge so am also taking part in a daily photo challenge over on Her space My space and adding the photos here on my Blog.

St Stephens Green.

I took these photos in St Stephens Green centre
today, I have always loved this clock and the way the ceiling in the centre is designed.Under the clock we found this life sized set promoting the new movie. I couldn't resist it .


I was on Holidays for the "Movement" module but found these photos I took a while ago in the Iveagh Gdns.

Blue Skies ...Above the rain.

I took this photo today in Bray ( did you think it was some nice and tropical =0) . ) to show we did get at least one sunny day here in Dublin this summer. Although I think the bottom picture looks more familier.

By the Sea

I got a surprise when I went to Bray today to buy some beads and as we came to the sea front it was alive with colour . Its years since we saw Bray like this and it looked great it was like when we were children and spent hours there in the Summer.I thought that side of Bray was gone, but today proved me wrong, If the weather keeps as nice as today families will have a great time there creating their own memories.

This photo was shortlisted on Cheryl's photography course which ended last night.It was a great course and I cant wait for the next one.

These are the three photos I used
for my Scrapwest challenge this
week. A bit different to the
Wet,Wet, Wet we are getting here.

Closer to home.

Not quiet Puerto Rico but closer to home in the garden. Everyone is so fed up with the rain, rain, rain but the garden is enjoying it , it is thriving, The only problem is we cant enjoy it because of the bad weather and only see it from the window , which means we miss all the lovely colours and blooms.

It is lovely to see eldery people out for their short walk along the road and stopping to enjoy the flowers and colours in the garden,then they turn back to make their short walk back home , It really makes it worthwhile to see them enjoying what we take for granted. Only a few days ago an eldery lady said she gets her carers to walk her up to see the garden before returning back home.

Scented Blossoms

Every corner you turn in Puerto Rico you come across these beautiful flowers, I am not sure if they grow wild but they are everywhere you look, you cannot ignore the fantastic colours and scent as you pass by.

They look exactly he same but the leaves are different.

Away from the rain.

We went for a break this week to Puerto Rico and here are a few of the photos I took , I have plenty of scenery snaps and of course photos of " Us ". but these are the ones I took with my camera eyes =0) especially for my photo blog. The contrast in weather is unreal. The next three posts are all of places we visited and things that really caught my eye.

Vibrant colours

Sioux City

Dublin's Custom house.

These are the two photos I used this week for my Scrapwest challenge.They are of the Custom House here in Dublin.
( click for a more detailed look )