The photographs on this blog are photos I have taken while taking part in an online workshop and others while I am out and about. Sometimes I go out looking for a particular image but capture something completly different, these are some of my favourite shots.
I love a photo challenge so am also taking part in a daily photo challenge over on Her space My space and adding the photos here on my Blog.


I received this from a little girl today ( it was nearly as big as herself ) and photographed it while it was so sunny looking , I love sunflowers I think there is something happy about them. They make me smile anyway.

Water or Ice ?

The weather is really rotten for taking photographs but today I snapped a few , I love the statue of the little girl swinging on the lamp post ( It reminds me of when I was a child, we used to have a rope tied on an old lamp post and would take turns getting a swing =0) The statue is close to the Grand Canal in Mount street.

Then around the corner hidden in a the IDA offices in Warrington Place we found this fountain. The more I look at this photo the more I see the water jets as ice instead of flowing water.

Click on the photo and maybe you will see what I mean.


The module this week was to photograph people so I borrowed my nephew , ( who doesn't normally stay still for five seconds) but on this occasion he was brilliant. I took loads but narrowed my favourites down to these two.

In the garden

The bees busy enjoying the pollen from the campanula in my parents garden today and the snails having a rest on the leaves, This is one of my favourite plants, I love the way it spreads the beautiful lilac colour as soon as summer is arriving.

(Click on the photos for a little more detail )

June Roses

Two June roses in full bloom, They don't last long especially with the rain and wind but it is great to capture them on camera like this, imagine beautiful roses like these two go unnoticed every day.If only we would slow down and take time to look around us .We miss so much.

Jeanie Johnston in Dun Laoghaire

I took these out in Dun Laoghaire,
the top two are taken from the same spot but look different because I turned to the left slightly and took the photo in portrait.
The bottom two are the Jeanie Johnston.

Bronze linesman

This Bronze statue is on the River Liffey and another favourite of mine, I have photographed it a lot but today went out and had a good look at
it from different angles and like it even more now.

Here is a link to some more fantastic work by Dony MacManus

Dublins docklands

A few more photos I snapped while tilting and turning last week.